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2 – 3 October 2021

The return of Scottish Open Data Unconference in

An online event brought to you by Code the City.


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For the first time we have introduced single day tickets as well as weekend long ones.

Whilst tickets have a suggested donation to help with charity running costs, this should not be a barrier to anyone attending.

The Unconference

The unconference is the ONLY annual Open Data event in Scotland. It brings together data publishers, data users and infomediaries from a variety of backgrounds: academia, journalism, the public and third sectors, as well as citizens and activists.

It is the opportunity to highlight projects, engage with the community, seek feedback, form alliances, kick off new enterprises, seek data and start campaigns that can change policy.

The Format

This event will follow the open space format, where participants create the agenda each morning for the sessions that will happen that day. This is the time to pitch your questions to the many people who will be there, and to tell others about your project too.

Sessions in open space always work best when there is an interactive aspect so that the participants talk as much as the person chairing the session. This short video will tell you more about open space. The amazing thing is that it scales really well from 20 people to over 1000 people.

What will the event include?

While the great thing about an unconference is that the attendees (i.e. you) drive the agenda, we have had some heads up from people and groups who will be attending. e.g.

Stirling University's Data Commons Project will be speaking about some of the amazing work they've been doing with Waste Management Data - how they got it, what they've found, and they want to discuss how some of the project's findings and outputs have a life after the project, and how the data could be expanded and improved on.

Another group want to get more active and militant about how we hold government to account; how we demand better and more open data; and force the government to meet their legal and moral obligations and to listen to the community.

If you want to keep up to date with news as plans develop, why not join the Scottish Open Data Slack Group?